Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Spanish inquisition . . .

WIKILEAKS: according to Carol Rosenberg's article in the Miami Herald, "WikiLeaks: How U.S. tried to stop Spain's torture probe", there's a fly in the gazpacho. It seems there are five Gitmo prisoners that are of concern to the Spanish, and there's an on-going investigation to see how American neo-con Bushite government lawyers might be prosecuted for abusing human rights. Click on the link to get the details from Carol. This could blossom just in time for the US elections.

MIAMI — It was three months into Barack Obama's presidency, and the administration -- under pressure to do something about alleged abuses in Bush-era interrogation policies -- turned to a Florida senator to deliver a sensitive message to Spain:

Don't indict former President George W. Bush's legal brain trust for alleged torture in the treatment of war on terror detainees, warned Mel Martinez on one of his frequent trips to Madrid. Doing so would chill U.S.-Spanish relations.

Rather than a resolution, though, a senior Spanish diplomat gave the former GOP chairman and housing secretary a lesson in Spain's separation of powers. "The independence of the judiciary and the process must be respected,'' then-acting Foreign Minister Angel Lossada replied on April 15, 2009. Then for emphasis, "Lossada reiterated to Martinez that the executive branch of government could not close any judicial investigation and urged that this case not affect the overall relationship.''

The case is still open, on the desk of a Spanish magistrate, awaiting a reply from the Obama administration on whether it will pursue a probe of its own.

But the episode, revealed in a raft of WikiLeaks cables, was part of a secret concerted U.S. effort to stop a crusading Spanish judge from investigating a torture complaint against former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and five other senior Bush lawyers.


croghan27 said...

Carol Rosenberg is also the reporter that did (is doing) such good work on the capture, torture and conviction of Omar Khadr.

She is so good at reporting that the American government (this can be called practice for Assange) tried to discredit her with some odd sexual charges.

Dana said...

Doesn't matter anyway.

Obama doesn't have the balls or the will to do anything but shield Bush/Cheney et al.

The man's a gutless wonder.