Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On a lighter note

LEIF PENG IS AN ILLUSTRATOR in Hamilton, Ontario, who has a wonderful site devoted to those artists he admires, called Today's Inspiration.  Here, he celebrates the art and career of Pete Hawley. So, who's Pete Hawley?

Looking over the many phases of Pete Hawley's career... from his high school competition wins and early days in Chicago, to his war years and the "Jantzen years" in New York... what always comes percolating to the surface is his natural affinity for drawing cute kids and critters. Its almost as though everything was leading up to an inevitability for the artist. Around the mid-60's, destiny caught up with Pete Hawley. For the next quarter century he would delight children and grownups alike with a seemingly limitless output of cute cards for American Greetings.


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