Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Racist and the Fool

Kathy Shaidle jumped the shark a long time ago in my view, but this time she's made it clear that she is an unrepentant (and Catholic) racist. She obviously dislikes US presidential hopeful Barack Obama, but now we know why.

Jeff Davidson and Robert McClelland both drop a little treatment on the thing who manages to promote herself as an award winning author and a regular on various talk-radio programs and wrote this:
Black, stupid or both: that's your only excuse for getting excited about Barack Obama. (Emphasis HERS)
And having covered herself in excrement, she proceeded to apply a second coat by exploring the details of Obama's parentage:
there is nothing "compelling" about a black man impregnating a white woman. In more than one Toronto neighbourhood, that's what they call "Saturday night." (again... emphasis HERS)
If you can live with the vile garbage at her site and follow the links (through another racist) you'll end up here, where the phoney captain also has something to say about Obama's run for the presidency. Fortunately, Morrissey doesn't subscribe to the same racist tone as Shaidle, but his argument is just about as valid:
Obama is 45 years old. He has plenty of time to gain the experience and gravitas needed to lead the nation. He should run for governor in Illinois and build some executive entries for his resume, and show us he can run a state government before asking to take over the White House.
Whoa! Hold it there, Buckwheat!

The qualifications to hold the office of the President of the United States are quite limited. He/She must be at least 35 years of age and be a naturally-born US citizen. That's it.

Suddenly, Morrissey is suggesting that the candidate should broaden his resume with more, ahem, experience. Really?! Then let's have a look at the fine figure of a character that Morrissey cheered on into the White House.

George W. Bush was governor of the state of Texas. In that state he doesn't even get to pick his own cabinet. All officers, with the exception of the Secretary of State, are elected by popular vote. The lieutenant-governor is not elected on the same ticket as the governor and can often be a member of the opposing party. The lieutenant-governor has all the legislative power and in truth, runs the state. Much like other southern US states, the governor's position is extremely weak. The truth is, beyond the protocol, it's not an onerous executive job. It fit Bush well, who was not known for his work ethic. While governor of Texas he found time to lobby hard to acquire an appointment as the commissioner of baseball, something which he failed to secure.

Bush's service, or lack of it, with the Air National Guard remains an unclear situation. He has managed to keep it that way - unclear.

Bush pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in September 1976.

In 1978 Bush lost his bid for a seat in the House of Representatives to his Democratic opponent. He has never served in the legislative branch of any government.

In April, 2000, after being a well-declared candidate for the presidency, Bush proclaimed Jesus Day in the state of Texas, something considered by many to be a constitutional violation.

So, Morrissey might want to point out what part of Bush's resume makes him stand out and what exactly he thinks is missing from Barack Obama's.

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