Thursday, October 26, 2006

US War Games Near Iranian Coast and Canada's Navy Is Ready, Aye, Ready!

According to this article on the Global Research site there are two US naval strike groups deployed: USS Enterprise (not currently loading, I wonder why), and USS Iwo Jima (not loading)Expeditionary Strike Group in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Bahrain across from Iran.

"The Canadian Navy has dispatched Frigate HMCS Ottawa, which is now an integral part of ESG 5, under US Command. It is worth noting that particular emphasis has been given to medical evacuations and combat medical support suggesting that a combat scenario could be envisaged."

Iran says they consider this operation to be deliberately provocative.

Gulf of Tonkin Two and in Walter Cronkite's famous words from the early days of television "You Are There, Canada!"

Canada's Neo Government sure is willing to help Georgie keep the drums banging and the dogs salivating.

The operation, oops sorry, games, are scheduled to begin on October 31st. One week before the mid-terms of November 7.

Harper will be able to use the expensive lubricant next time he visits the White House.

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