Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Olbermann Tonight

A man named David Kuo has written a book called "Tempting Fate".

Mr. Kuo used to be the second in command in Bush's Office of Faith Based Initiatives and who served as special assistant to the president from 2001 to 2003.

In his book Mr. Kuo lays bare the Bush administration's manipulation of the christian right. He reveals that behind their backs christian leaders were called "the nuts", "ridiculous", "out of control", and just plain "goofy".

He says that the office (and taxpayer funds) was used to stage events aimed at mobilizing religious voters .

And much more.

Olbermann has a pre-release copy of the book. The vid is here.

On top of Old Foley and all the soiled towels that are yet to pile up on that story the news isn't getting better for Bush and the Republicans.

The question is whether the christian right gives a shit that they've been played.
The probability is that they feel they've been playing the Republicans and are feeling quite satsified with themselves. Feeling self-satisfied is after all what they are most masterful at. They'll probably just brush all this off in that delightfully sanctimonious way they have about them.

But then I don't think they have the ethicality of aluminum siding salesmen, the honesty of crack whores or the morality of beltway pimps.

And now of course we have our very own versions of both the republican party and the delusional christian right.

I wonder who the people are in Harper's office who refer to them as "the nuts".

I also wonder how many of Harper's harpies will be on the phone to the Canadian wingnut factions of the US organizations trying to re-assure them Harper's Conservatives are sincere, not like those republicans at all. Canada really will be a christian plutocracy come hell or high water. Or both.

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