Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Mess With A Chimp

I know, I know, this blog normally doesn't deviate too far from the political, but after putting a few thing together I realized there was something wrong.

I have a lot of friends in odd places. The Fleet Diving Unit is one of them.

Odd that I couldn't find many divers there. These people are the world's finest explosive ordnance disposal experts - bar none.

I wondered where they were, because they weren't in unit and from what I could gather they haven't been around for a long time.


So, while I try to sort out why I could have shot a cannon through FDU and not hit a soul I thought maybe I should point out something esle.


Chimps are stronger than humans.

Sometimes the obvious seems so obscure.

Just sayin'... y'know.

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