Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Hydra starts to emerge

I'm going to call this a measured response:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there is no indication North Korea has developed nuclear weapons capable of reaching Canada.
Harper said North Korea’s assertion that it successfully tested a nuclear weapon on Monday is obviously concerning.

“But with all that said, we don’t have any evidence today that North Korea’s capacities threaten Canada,” Harper said following an announcement in Vancouver on Wednesday.
Maybe it's the Pacific air, because he threw a temper tantrum when we didn't follow the US into Iraq. He went on to tell reporters that this doesn't mean Canada will be entering into talks with the US over ballistic missile defence - even though Bush suggested he's going to us this opportunity to increase "co-operation" with allies.

So.... what will little Stevie do if the clown running the US lets Cheney talk him into invading Iran? Where will Harper stand? With Bush, or with Canadians?

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