Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Scum Also Rises

As if the Mark Foley/Congressional Page scandal wasn't bad enough, the cesspools who make up PowerPajamaBottomMedia decided to reach into the depths of their inner-selves and commit an act of reprehensible proportions by "outing" the victim. From Think Progress:

Pajamas Media, Instapundit Facilitate Outing Of Foley Victim

An obscure right-wing blogger, Wild Bill, has outed one of Mark Foley’s victims, a former Congressional page. It is a despicable act. Wild Bill however, gets almost no traffic, so the damage done to the victim’s life could have been minimal.

All that ended, however, when some of the most highly-trafficked right-wing bloggers decided to direct their readers to Wild Bill’s site. First, Roger L. Simon, co-founder and CEO of Pajamas Media — a portal and advertising broker for nearly every major right-wing blog — posted a link to Wild Bill on his personal site. (The Pajamas Media portal also linked to Wild Bill.) Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit — probably the most highly-trafficked right-wing blog — followed suit by linking to Simon’s post and the Pajamas Media post.
Roger L. Simon, the ass-in-the-hat who co-founded Pajamas Media, likes to claim no particular political bent. Glenn Reynolds claims to be a libertarian.

Billmon has a much better description of both of them.

... deliberately publicizing the name of a sexually exploited teenager does seem like overkill (so to speak) -- even for the PJ brigade. I mean, it's not as if the kid criticized Israel or spoke out against torture or got in the way of Dick Cheney's shotgun.

But scavengers can't afford to be too picky, I guess.
Scavengers. Billmon is being too kind.


(Apologies to Ernest Hemingway for the title)

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