Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another Global Warming Egghead Heard From

Some guy named Schellnhuber who bills himself as some sort of "expert" in, and I quote from here "The theory of complex non -linear systems - coastal zone research - and regional and global environmental analysis."

Yeah, yeah, yeah - like that's supposed to be impressive. Come on down to the trailer park and I'll show you impressive buster.

Anyway, this guy's produced some kind of list of so called "tipping points" about the so called "theory" of so called "global warming" and that commie rag in Britain called The Guardian has done up a story on his delusions.

Don't bother to read it. It's too confusing, too depressing, too many big words, too long to read while driving the SUV all alone.

Besides, Rona and Stephen don't want you to think about this stuff and get all worried and whatnot.

They'd rather we should read Margaret Wente in the increasingly meaningless and pathetic BellGlobeMedia Grope and Flail - whose opinions about so called "global warming" aren't burdened with all those science credentials.

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