Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dear Senator Tkachuk

I quote you,

“There are those who have characterized what she did as heroic,” Ontario Conservative Senator David Tkachuk told his colleagues in the red-carpeted chamber on Tuesday, according to a news release from his office.
“No. Heroic are the men and women, many of them her age or younger, who serve in Afghanistan, defending the principles and practices of democracy that resulted, most recently, in the election we just had,” Tkachuk said. “What she did was not heroic. She was surrounded not by enemies but by people she could trust not to harm her. People, unlike her, who believe in and adhere to a code of civil behaviour.

“Many of us thought she was there to assist someone, not to protest,” said Tkachuk, who added that DePape showed contempt for the Parliament she had taken an oath to serve.
“This was clear contempt for the Parliament she had sworn to serve, taking place as it did in the middle of one of the most democratic acts in the world,”
Tell me Senator, whilst you're speaking of courage and contempt, what did you say when your standard-bearers in the Lower House were found in contempt by the Parliament you claim to hold in such esteem?

Did you have the courage to speak out against that government and its ministers for their treachery? Or is it that you can only take such a noble position when it involves young female servants of the House standing against your party?

Your bullying hypocrisy disgusts me.


Anonymous said...

Not just that but go to his website and check out the rather nasty company he shows an interest in.
He is a pretty silly human being, a hypocrite and a dissembler.

Steve said...

Harper is flying on private Government jet to see the hockey game in Boston. That's contempt for Canadian people.

Steve said...

A senator is the British equivalent of a lord, and thank the lord we have no lords in Canada. The Lord Hutton report remains sealed, Dr David Kelly remains dead, Tony Blair remains wealthy.

Moyses said...

"... people she could trust not to harm her."

Firing her from her job did not harm her?