Monday, June 13, 2011

Fire them.

This time it's Niagara cops cheating on promotion exams.

Several police officers in southern Ontario's Niagara region have been caught cheating on exams that are part of the force's promotion process.
This spring, 75 officers wrote tests and went through rounds of interviews, vying for 17 supervisor jobs as sergeants and staff sergeants.
But it turns out someone leaked the tests and questions in advance.
"It's very disappointing yes, and it's very difficult," said Niagara Regional Police Service Chief Wendy Southall...
The police chief wouldn't say precisely how many officers were involved, but she confirmed between six and eight officers are now facing informal discipline.
"The most important thing I believe in their day-to-day duties, aside from the operational techniques that they know, is honesty and integrity," Southall said. "And do some breach it? Unfortunately they do… it's a very small number."

The officers have not been named, in accordance with the provisions of the Police Services Act, a news release issued by the police force said.
"To date, they have all been complete employment and personnel issues and they will remain anonymous at this point," the police chief said.
The news release said the officers involved have "all accepted disciplinary penalties that include ineligibility to compete in the promotional process." Beyond that, Southall will not say what punishment the officers will receive. CBC News has learned the leak came from the human resources department. Southall would not comment on any possible consequences for the people behind the leak.


thebanana said...

It's only wrong when the great unwashed do it.

Anonymous said...

that does explain how we end up with some very shoddy policing on the streets. The supervisors are not of the correct quality to conduct operations and control their sub-ordinates.
Who ever leaked this should be doing time and those who cheated are dishonest police officers. How can they be trusted again? Even working in the evidence room is a job that will be beyond them.

Steve said...

I live in the Niagara region, and remember the movie Copland, well Niagara falls is nothing like that.
In summary you do not mess with the NRP. The OPP should have taken over decades ago, the Police Chief is not even a cop, started as a dispatcher, allegedly.