Monday, June 13, 2011

Resign, Dr. Baker

Actually, you can go a little beyond your heartfelt apology and offer your resignation, oh esteemed Dean of Medicine.

The dean of medicine at the University of Alberta is apologizing to his colleagues and students after being accused of plagiarizing his convocation speech.
"The talk was intended for a private audience," Dr. Philip Baker wrote in a letter to the graduating class. "Nevertheless, my failure to attribute the source of my inspiration is a matter of the utmost regret.
"And, while there is no excuse for the lapse in judgment which occurred on Friday evening, I can only offer my sincere and heartfelt apology."
You'd hang your students for the same sin. 

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Anonymous said...

Damn right he should resign. He should also have this noted in any future job applications. He is dishonest.
That said he could always blame his speech writer as our dear leader did when he didn't show an ounce of courage or honour when doing likewise.