Friday, June 03, 2011

Brigette DePape

You go you good thing!


West End Bob said...

The entrenched powers got rid of one of the few people in Parliament that is actually were worth a sh_t. Too bad - Bet she gets a new job soon, and hopefully we'll see her in politics for a long time.

It was sad to watch the MSM and old-guard pols chastise her actions as not appropriate, disrespectful, etc. At least she made her point and forced them to respond and cover her actions.

Canada needs more like her to rid ourselves of the current clusterf_ck that is called government . . . .

Edstock said...

Stevie ain't gonna like this principled behaviour.

Reminds me of the brave young Chinese dude who got in the face of those tanks.

Anyway, what a picture. Things go sour for Stevie, and next election time, this could be effective.

Steve said...

What a brave young thing, there is hope for Canada

Rez Dog said...

We could use some of that courage south of the border, too.

liberal supporter said...

Most effective too. Every single article about the throne speech always has the picture though her press release is often garbled.
At least she didn't have to set herself on fire like Bouazizi in Tunisia.

Meanwhile, DND is putting out a tender for sign-detectors, to be retrofitted into the metal detectors on all government buildings. The Page-Gate incident was a real wakeup call for our lax security measures.

David Wilson said...

some of it is silly wishful thinking, f'rinstance that there will be a 'Canadian Spring', nope, we are a-waaaay too complacent for that

but she is gutsy and self-possessed and entirely admirable, and she has got the main facts right - we must do what is necessary to stop climate change before it is too late - and by my arithmetic (and I am not the only one, about par with Lester Brown) it will be too late by the time Harper's majority has run its course

so ... where do we go from here?