Friday, January 29, 2010

You got it, Toyota

OH, WHAT A FEELING. Sometimes, though, even the "best" drop the ball.  Some 25 years ago, an engineer friend of my dad's had the air-conditioning shut down in his Mercedes. Problem was, the car shifted to FULL HEAT. This was in July.

It was a new model, and the parts dep't. didn't have a replacement, and none were to be found anywhere else in Canada. Dad's friend pointed at the same model on the floor and said, "Take the part off that car." The service rep refused.

Dad's friend, Len, asked, "You say your cars are engineered the best in the world, right?". The rep agreed.

"Well, what does it say about your engineering that when a system fails, it doesn't go to neutral (fresh, ambient-temp air), it goes to the full opposite of what the control was supposed to do?".

They took the part off the showroom car.

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