Sunday, September 09, 2012

Quick note on Canada and Iran

I've been really put off commenting on these affairs lately. Fools commit foolish actions on all sides and there's not much to say about that. The bombs may fall or they may not. That stated I'll add my quick tuppence to the nonsense of closing diplomatic mission in Iran.

By removing our very small diplomatic presense in Iran, the Canadian government has done two things. First, it has left the three Canadians currently incarcerated in Iran to their fate. Without Canadian face-to-face contact with Iranian authorities, all the government can do is stonk loudly from afar. Second, as the big players pull their missions and support (or refuse to condemn) the Israeli government desire to attack the place, there is a may still be a need for a country like Canada to maintain or facilitate communication channels between sides as war edges closer as this might be key to avoiding it.

Of course, that point assumes that the key powers would prefer to avoid war and not embrace it. We are governed by madmen.


West End Bob said...

This from a Toronto Star article today:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday that nothing Iran does in response to Canada’s severing of diplomatic ties would surprise him.


Not unlike what Canadians could say of stevie's government, isn't it ? ? ? ?

Steve said...

The families of those on death row, must be very impressed. "we wash our hands of these citizens"
Now what if they were citizens jailed in China or Cuba?

Fire Baird, Bibi works for free, same result in both cases.