Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lesser Defence Minister Bernard Valcourt's rationale for not pursuing Bourdeau Industries' proposal to rehabilitate the Avro Arrow:
"The proposal to develop, test and manufacture what would effectively be a brand new aircraft is risky, and would take too long and cost too much to meet Canada's needs."
This is of course is completely different from the fantastically over-budget and delayed development, testing, and manufacturing of the brand new F-35 Lightning II fighter and CH-148 Cyclone naval helicopter. Completely different.


Edstock said...

Unfortunately, it really would cost too much, for the numbers we could build and maybe even sell to other countries.

That's why the Super Hornet is the ideal choice. It "fits" with the service equipment and systems we already have for the CF-18.

But Canadian aerospace and computer industry could really get in on "the ground floor" of the USN X-47-B, which is the real future of combat/patrol aircraft, just like our computer industry did in developing the super-computer with wings, aka the cruise missile, like the Tomahawk.

My 2¢.

Steve said...


Drone me up. Canada could truly leapfrog into a Gen 6 plane. Then Airshow could sit at his desk and bomb scumbags all day.

Sixth Estate said...

So far the government's taken six year to buy a new utility truck for the army, and hasn't gotten past square one.

When Valcourt says it would be far too tough for his government to shepherd a new fighter all the way from blueprints to the finished product, I believe him.

Gareth said...

Thank-you, Galloping Beaver, for your comments on the F35 scandal. They've helped me come to my own conclusions which led, in turn, to several postings on my own blog: Drop in for a visit if you're so inclined.