Friday, September 14, 2012

Mammaries in the news

Breasts are in the news today. The Duchess of York has a pair as a scandal-rag perilously confirms.

Across the Atlantic, a professor who nursed her baby in - of all things - a gender and sexuality class, is causing conniptions among people who struggle to understand basic human biological needs.

And out here on the coast, those denizens of Wreck Beach are concerned about ogling boaters noise and danger boaters coming too close. Funny, the original CBC piece seems to have been rewritten from a potentially breast-fixated frame: 

Vancouver nude beach patrons seek anti-ogling bylaw - CBC › HomeBC
2 days ago – Vancouver nude beach patrons seek anti-ogling bylaw ... The Wreck Beach Preservation Society is presenting the municipal authority with a ...

1 comment:

lungta said...

got to confess "The Duchess of York has a pair" first google of the morning
somehow knowing that will be on record with google and vic toews for forever
kinda blows the right to privacy of anyone