Friday, September 07, 2012

The Stevie Weenie . . .

REALLY. According to Andrew Moran at DIGITAL JOURNAL, in an article, "Ottawa investing $826,000 to protect us from exploding sausages" — 

It was announced earlier this month in a news release that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is investing taxpayers’ money in an “innovative” product that will prevent a sausage from “splitting or bursting while cooking.”

And these people are going to choose fighter aircraft?


Steve said...

Canada clearly wants to close the sausage gap with Germany. The secrect is to have more actual food than filler and grease. Please pay me $800,00.

Sixth Estate said...

Actually it seems quite reasonable when looked at from the perspective of the party base:

When the sawsuge asplode on mah grill, it gets a mess everywhare. The government's gots to make dem sawsuge makers make a bettur sawsuge.

Plus, we needs us a stealth fighter.