Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jason Kenney,

Ok, Jason Kenney, game on.

Exhibit A: The evolving LGTB emails where the office of the Minister for Citizenship and Immigration is somehow tracking people who identify as LGTB.

Exhibit B: Mr. Kenney finds interested in questions of science and philosophy criminality (don't we have a Justice Minister and courts?) with his interest in when life begins, and supports M-312 which seeks to address this question for the good of something and the bad of whole a lot of that group known as "women". 

I want to know what goes on in your head, Jason Kenney. I want to know why what other people do with their sexual biology is something of concern to you and your office.

You're appearing like some bizarre mix between Nazi socio-biological thought and the medieval Church.

You see, with your lists of gay people and your questions that seem to want to link women's biology with criminality, you're starting to terrify people.

But then, maybe that's the point?  


Steve said...

A Gay man will never succed Stephen Harper, who may be Gay but may not be a man.

Beijing York said...

Hmmm, he's supporting M312 and his pro-Iranian LGBT rights e-mail went out to people considered LGBT rights supporters on the heels of the stop M312 petition. I think that their data mining experts (RMG perhaps?) have been doing some overtime work to cross-reference different lists that they have collected (without consent). Some merge and purge database manipulations perhaps?

The weird thing is that these e-mails went out to people who are not supportive of the Harper Regime. It's almost like they wanted to create a chill - let people know that they know who you are. Maybe that's too tin foil hat-like on my part but it's interesting that they aren't even trying to defend themselves much.

Holly Stick said...

Canadian Immigration Report likes Kenney




kootcoot said...

Can we deport Jason Kenney to whatever imaginary planet he was hatched on? He can take Woodworth and Herr Harper with him, please!