Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gopper melt-down . . .

WHY ROMNEY AND RYAN ARE GOING DOWN, summarized forcefully by Robert Reich, reported on RSN, and an extensive look at the Gopper charge to oblivion:

Republicans are failing the central test of electability. Instead of putting together the largest possible coalition of voters, they're relying largely on one slice of America - middle-aged white men - and alienating just about everyone else.

Sums it up IMHO, and accounts for the increasingly psychotic state of non-rich conservatives, as the Goppers' sociopathic/psychopathic* mind-set is perceived by increasing numbers of Americans for what it is, and commented on. Check out how American Hispanics are reacting to the right-wing racist onslaught.

*Psychological tags are easily misused, but on the whole, I feel these are indeed accurate. The Goppers are sociopathic, in that their policies do have a negative effect on the society; they are psychopathic in that their self-absorption with economic entitlement has no empathy for anybody outside their immediate circle, with the demonstrated propensity for a malevolent attitude towards anybody who doesn't share their point of view. These people are actually mentally ill. When you get a double dose, you get Hitler and Stalin and their weasels.

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The Mound of Sound said...

I have never seen anything remotely like this. Romney does live in a hopelessly divided world of his own making.

He doesn't recognize that, even among the 53% he doesn't disparage, there's a goodly percentage that will be thoroughly put off by his arrogance.

He'd better work on plans to drug Obama before the debates.