Thursday, September 27, 2012

These guys . . .

REMEMBER VALERIE PLAME? These guys sure do. The story ain't over, and it's gonna make a hell of a mini-series, working title, Washington Weasels.

H/T — Helmut


the salamander said...

That's good .. that's very good..
I'd like to borrow aspects of the technique
for a motion picture project I'd love to develop
that could be scripted via crowd-sourcing

- I'd like to portray Joe Oliver this way re China, oil tankers, dilbit, pipelines, tar sands, downstream Athabaska waters

- Peter Kent shown this way re strychnine, wolves, caribou, boreal forest that's been stripped away.. how he minsters our environment

- Tony Clement/John Baird done this way re gazebos and dollars

- Peter Mackay portrayed thusly re F-35 accounting errors and how he cares so much for our Canadian Forces veterans

- Julian Fantino re Vaughn electoral campaign expenses and if he would like to be a senator

- Jason Kenney re the glory of being Jason Kenney

- Stephen Harper illuminated in similar style.. well .. about a lot of things. Maybe start with that Statesman of The Year nonsense .. next thing we'll know Harper will legislate himself and his likeness onto a postage stamp or our 50 dollar bills. Have statues erected.. him gazing towards China

You can see the field of opportunity is quite large.. not sure one could plough the field in one long day..

Steve said...

Great job, very effective linking the Mitt to the Shrub.

Fair Game was a great movie. Getting Plame was a towfer, because she was working on the Iran file, and maybe if that scheme had continued, Iran might be proven not to be pursing Nukes, now we will never know for sure. There is another link to the Plame story, Dr David Kelly.

Beijing York said...

That is very well made and effective. Wasn't expecting the Romney ending and thought you mined something from a few years ago :-)