Monday, September 24, 2012

Jason Kenney, creep

Via Dawg, I learn the following:

An email extolling the Conservative government’s record on gay rights has some recipients wondering how Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney knows their sexual orientation.
The email from Kenney’s MP’s office sent Friday trumpets the Conservative government’s initiative to help and gay and lesbian refugees, particularly in Iran.
What other lists and information are stored on Conservative hard-disks and how did they come about that information?


Aunty Bertha said...

and there's more


lungta said...

lists lists lists hehe
About 2008 the conservatives phoned here asking for support of their party.
I asked the caller to take a deep breath and asked if he could smell it?
He said he couldn't
I said if you could it IT would smell just like nazi pre-war germany
The conversation deteriorated after that
(true story)
bet i'm on a list

West End Bob said...

That's a great list to be on, though, lungta . . . .

Kevin Wood said...

Apparently they did the same thing about a year ago with Jewish voters. I guess they figured since they still had all the software from the long gun registry they would create some new registries. I bet all of us here are on the one labelled "first against the wall" -- at least I hope so....It would be embarrassing, when the Tories enemies list is revealed, not to on it.

Beijing York said...

They showed their e-mail manipulation hand in Winnipeg South Centre, one of the disputed CPC wins in the last election. Somehow 1,500 people got on a subscriber only Joyce Bateman newsletter list immediately after many of us had signed the petition against M312 (Woodworth's ban abortion through debate motion). An apology e-mail followed shortly after calling it a clerical glitch.

West End Bob said...

clerical glitch my ass, eh, BY?

Sent off an email to today to take me off their list after reading your info yesterday - Thanks!

Rather creepy, I'd say . . . .