Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MacKay is "Just an optimistic guy"

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Sorry, but part 3 of the F-35 fiasco is still in the hopper. And as much as I am not really a Titanic freak, as someone who understands the effects of hydraulics on sinking ships, there is something I really must watch on ... TV. (Now, I just have to figure out how these button festooned thingies work).

In the meantime, you must watch this. MacKay needs to let his wife take him flying. The thinner air might help him with simple arithmetic. 

And, since she closed comments, (to deal with busy things), I will on this occasion only, skip through a place I rarely choose to tread.  

Sandy, you are completely and utterly hilarious. For a while there I thought you were serious. I have to admit, you had me there for a minute.

You see, I was a part of a major naval acquisition. My team was doing the costing of the training centres that would have to be rebuilt, staffed and operated for the projected life cycle of a particular class of ship. When it was completed, my superiors completed a final LCMM on those centres and then it was included in the final price tag for the ships.

Brilliant work though. Keep it up and keep us in stitches.

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Scott in Montreal said...

Compare and contrast with the meek reporting (scratch that, regurgitating) of Sandy Rinaldo's CTV broadcast tonight.

Terry Miewski is a national treasure.