Wednesday, April 04, 2012

How very conservative of you

This just blows it all out of the water:
A former B.C. Liberal MLA now working as a director at Simon Fraser University has been giving public dollars from his university expense account to the B.C. Liberal Party.

Documents obtained by The Vancouver Sun show that in just over one month earlier this year, Wilf Hurd expensed $2,045 to attend seven B.C. Liberal Party fundraisers.

The payments included $1,000 for six tickets to an event put on by Liberal MLA and former cabinet minister Harry Bloy, $350 to attend an event by Liberal MLA and deputy Speaker Linda Reid as well as various others from mid-January to late February.

Hurd, who is the university’s director of government relations, paid for the events with personal cheques and then submitted the charges to the university for reimbursement.

He filed most under the expense category “entertainment — catered meals,” though he appears to have identified the $1,000 for Bloy as “advertising and promotional fees.” Hurd attached copies of invites or flyers for all the events, and copies of his cheques to the B.C. Liberals, with his expense claim.
Well, at least he attached the political crap to his claim. That would suggest that SFU was OK with it. 
On Tuesday, university spokesman Don MacLachlan said the school had no official policy but has allowed the practice for years. He said SFU has now decided such donations will no longer be allowed.

“For many years we have attended events of both parties, NDP and Liberal, to further the university’s interests,” MacLachlan said Tuesday, adding questions from The Sun have sparked an abrupt change in policy.

“It certainly brought it to light and caused some quick thought,” he said. “Let me be clear, the practice is not going to continue.”
Ah... the old "Let me be clear" strategy.

Well. Everything is just fine then. 

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