Monday, April 02, 2012

Premier! What a cool idea!

I've been tossing around some confusing thoughts about who it is I'm reminded of whenever I see BC premier, Christy Clark come out and speak publicly.

Then Rod Mickleburgh wrote this:
Increasingly, it appears that Ms. Clark simply liked the idea of being Premier, without much thought of what to do after that. Almost willfully uninterested in policy, she’s been lurching from slogan to slogan, while claiming to be responsible for virtually everything good that moves.

It’s not working.

Veteran political analyst Norman Ruff, who has seen premiers rise, and mostly fall, in British Columbia over the past 40 years, says Ms. Clark is the victim of her own shortcomings.

“There’s a gap between her smile and her actual performance,” says Mr. Ruff of the perennially-upbeat Premier.

Rather than establishing substantive programs of her own, Ms. Clark has spent most of her time reacting to events, and that’s not cutting it with British Columbians, according to Mr. Ruff, professor emeritus at the University of Victoria.
Then I ran across something at Balloon Juice

Yup. Pretty much the same thing.

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kootcoot said...

Premier Christy "What a cool idea" Clark works good, too!

It is fun watching her flail, but then I think of the harm she and her band of organized criminals are STILL doing to British Columbians, and it ain't so funny!