Monday, April 23, 2012

Yours, mine and not theirs

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On April 26th, on the floor of the House of Commons, the rights of over 1/2 of this country's citizens will be placed on the table in a motion to "study" whether that block of citizens should have their inalienable human rights stripped away.

No matter how you interpret Motion 312, in this century, in an age where we have spent countless lives in the struggle to progress human rights, the women of this country, without their consent, are to have their right to choose a medical procedure debated.

Stephen Woodworth, a right-wing, religiously motivated, Harper Conservative male back-bencher, is going to have at Canadian women.

All Canadian women.

He would like to discuss when "life begins" and would like to strike a special parliamentary committee to investigate that "issue".

Not one of the members of such a committee would be a scientist or a bona fide physician, but you can bet that most of them would come from male-dominated "churches", the likes of which promote the subjugation of women by laying claim over their reproductive organs.

In this century, in this supposedly enlightened age, we are allowing a bunch of superstitious males to bring their religious beliefs into the secular environment of Parliament to seek the "answers" to "questions" which they could find at any walk-in medical clinic.

It goes beyond disgusting. It is dangerous in the extreme.

The reproductive organs of every human in this country belong to the individual. The immorality of placing them on the table for debate should sicken you. 

Take action. Download and sign the petition. Support the Radical Handmaids. Stop Stephen Woodworth dead in his tracks.

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meadowlark said...

Everything about the Harper Conservatives is sickening. Harper is a fascist dictator, of his Northern Foundation Party from 1989. The skinheads organized Harper's shady party for him.

Name me one thing Harper has done, that isn't sickening. He is found to be responsible for the election fraud and the robo-calls. The records posted, all led to Harper and his Conservatives. Well mover half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M...he knew it and so, he cheated to win.

This is far from the first time, Herr Harper has used dirty tactics/dirty politics. Just ask, henchmen Campbell , Boessenkool and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.