Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Enbridge gets whacked on the pee-pee for propaganda

Head on over to Tidal Station and get the good word from a professional tanker captain on the latest Enbridge nausea.

There's a lot there but, aside from the gutting of the latest Enbridge attempt to cloud the issue over tankers, there is a point made which cannot be missed.

Harper cut the budget of the one department that needed to rapidly increase the vessel safety on the BC Central coast.

What's going on?

Harper couldn't care less about BC.

Tanker safety? Not his problem.

Vessel traffic management? Not his problem.

Just move that oil so his Alberta petro-buddies can make tons of money.

His post-PM directorship depends on it.

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RossK said...

I think, based on what we have learned about how this government operates (Listeria anyone?), that we need to ask the following question:

Did they cut the budget for tanker safety and tanker safety initiatives because such things could actually slow traffic on, say, stormy days when the swells are crest 2 meters and the tides are running roughshod through narrow passageways?