Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bob Rae fail. Gordon O'Connor scores one

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Who woulda thunk it?

The Harperist government whip stood better ground against Woodworth and his anti-abortion crusade than Liberal leader Bob Rae.

Rae's decision not to whip his party's vote, should it ever come to that, is opening old wounds. And so it should. Spineless sonofabitch.

In contrast, and beyond surprising to me, was government whip Gordon O'Connor.
Woodworth insisted that his motion is only meant to provoke a "respectful dialogue and an open-minded study of the evidence."

But O'Connor disagreed, saying "the ultimate intention of this motion is to restrict abortions at some development stage in Canada." If the legal definition of when a person is considered a human being is changed, and a fetus is then considered a human being then homicide laws would apply, and abortion, as a consequence, would be considered homicide, O'Connor said.

He was the only other Conservative MP to speak during the debate, and he urged everyone to reject his colleague's motion whenever it comes to a vote.
Smack down by your own whip. I believe I just caught a whiff of a closed-door fight that's been going on for a while.

As for Rae, well, here it is spelled out for him in nice clear prose


Unknown said...

The only thing that disgusted me more was Justin Trudeau trumpeting the righteousness of the LPC being both pro-choice and pro-life at the same time. When questioned on it he called myself and several others "NDP tolls". The fact is, you cannot claim to be pro-choice while allowing others in the party to make women's rights a debatable issue. They aren't and Rae and Trudeau should be ashamed.

Jim Parrett said...

Just as I was beginning the think that Rae might be a decent leader for the LPC, along comes the real Rae. Then there's Trudeau, who has gone in record time from Con knock-out king to measly appeaser. When it comes to women's rights, it's all becoming so Progressive Bloggersish in Liberal land. When a Con comes out with more balls than two of the most prominent Libs in yesterday's debate on abortion, there's a problem for Libs.

Steve said...

Justin failed on the pot question, now the abortion question, and thats why there is no question about why the Liberals are dead, they stand for power executed in a muddle of ambition and rot. Bob Rae confirms, I am a big fucking weasel, king of the weasels.