Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whinging Wind-ows

I haven't used the Windows OS for any significant length of time since I bought my first Mac about 7 years ago. However, I've recently put it on my machine so I can run some specific data analysis software that for reasons of capitalism only works with Windows.

So I find myself for the umpteenth time in the past fortnight not analysing data, but watching the green "Installing updates..." bar move across the screen at a snail's pace. If it isn't Windows itself demanding the update, it's the anti-virus program. Oh look, clicking the "click here to restart" button in the software update program generates an error message that says Windows can't restart until I close the update program where I clicked the restart button.

Madness. This is madness (Albeit madness that gives me a few minutes to blog about it).

I wonder if anyone has looked at the social psychology of the mass use of the Windows OS.


West End Bob said...

Chuckling - at your expense - while reading the post, Boris.

Reminds me of my constant advice to "drf" when he has WinOS "issues": "Get a Mac ! ! ! !"

Dana said...

I don't get the Apple mania, I really don't.

There's nothing wrong with the products they make (maybe other than the inflated prices they get away with) but there's nothing wrong with lots of PCs either. Both operating systems have their benefits and drawbacks. Both can be just as buggy as each other. Apple products fail too. Probably at not a much different rate than others.

The secrecy and unacountability practice d by Apple are considered to be negatives in almost every domain but appear to be perfectly acceptable when it comes to Apple Corp?

Don't get it. Just don't.

Like American Motors drivers.

Never got them either.