Sunday, May 01, 2011

Dear Liberals: what Stephen Harper said

"You can have an NDP government or a Conservative government." 

Please vote wisely tomorrow.


RossK said...

By my final reckoning are 18 seats in BC that are ripe for the taking by a concerted progressive voting effort.

Those seats alone would dash all of Mr. Harper's hopes for a majority regardless what happens in the rest of the entire country.

That list of 18 is here.


Zee said...

I'll take the first option.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I know which one I'd pick. I voted strategically for the Liberal in my riding, but if I lived elsewhere I'd have probably gone for the NDP.

Rev.Paperboy said...

and RossK, it would be super extra deluxe awesomeville to see the Cons hopes of a majority crushed in Ontario and their hopes of governing crushed suddenly in BC. However, I will settle for BC stopping a CPC majority, as long as someone stops it.

RossK said...


Gosh I hadn't thought of it that way....Going to add that one last thought to the top of the post just before midnight Sunday pacific time.



Uncommoner said...

It was so nice of Harpo to remind us of that. To think I was totally convinced that he wanted to remove all the choice from Canadians daily lives.

Gloria said...

I certainly hope you are right Ross. If Harper wins, Canada will be gone. I agree with Rev.Paperboy. Northern Insights, posted the same advice.