Monday, May 30, 2011

One of these things does not belong ...

Harper, Obama talk plans for perimeter security

Manley, CEOs, propose details on perimeter security

CATSA airport security screening measures tightened

Government of Canada enhances aviation security

CATSA lays off 15 to 20% of airport security screeners

The Cons have directed every airport in Canada to reduce its security screeners by 15-20%

Vancouver International Airport - 120 screening officers laid off May 16th

Greater Toronto Airports Authority - 400 laid off

Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau airport - 80 laid off

Ottawa International Airport - 11 laid off

Calgary and Edmonton - 15% reduction in screening staff
Hey, I'll bet the screening staff reductions are because they'll be using those new full-body scanners instead ...
Chair of the BC Association of Aerospace Workers :
"newly purchased multi-million dollar full body scanners will be left unmanned and unused ... because there is just not enough staff to operate them."
And you just know that even if we all consented to having Trusted Traveller barcodes tattooed on our foreheads, you still wouldn't be allowed to board if you're packing Astroglide, although apparently handcuffs are still ok.


Alison said...

Aren't the Cons supposed to be all about jobs and the economy? Oh right - silly question...

Tom said...

I went through LAX recently. It seems everybody is scanned by the new full body scanners and it did not cause any delay in screening!

West End Bob said...

It appears that reality is catching up with harpercon rhetoric . . . .

Tom: And that's supposed to make us feel better somehow ? ? ? ?