Friday, May 20, 2011

The Sixth Estate

- an excellent blog by the way if you haven't yet discovered it - has just launched a WikiLeaks Cablegate Watchlist of documents pertaining to Canadian politics and foreign affairs, searchable by topic and linking of course to the WikiLeaks originals. An invaluable resource.
Sixth Estate's Top Picks from the cables can be found on his blog here.

While you're over there, check out that top right hand corner link to the Sixth Estate Canadian Newswatch - an aggregate of blogs with some decent mainstream newsers as well. All the news that's fit to pixel.

So, Sixth Estate Dave, when do you sleep?


fern hill said...

The Sixth Estate sidebar contains ProgBlogs' logo, but I've never seen the blog appear there. A victim of the new affiliates problem?

More people should know about the blog, the Wiki resource, and the aggregator.

Sixth Estate said...

I put up the ProgBlogs feed ages ago and have tried to get onto the aggregator without success. The admin doesn't seem to be answering his emails these days, sadly.

Beijing York said...

@ Sixth Estate - I tried posting (several times) a comment to your excellent review of the Fraser Institute's bogus study on the cost of immigrants and it just went into ether purgatory.

Anyways, great work!

Sixth Estate said...

That's the third time someone has mentioned this problem to me since I started up the blog. Unfortunately I'm not a techie. I'm trying to figure it out...