Friday, May 27, 2011

The G8 meets Stephen Harper

Change is sweeping the Middle-East and the old walls are crumbling. The masters of the universe at the G8 seem to understand this and wish to convey as much to the world. Well, most of them. Not that Stephen Harper asshole from Canada.

Stephen Harper blocked G8 leaders from declaring in their summit statement that Middle East peace talks should be based on returning to Israel’s pre-war 1967 borders, plus negotiated land swaps.
U.S. President Barack Obama had made that stand a key part of his campaign to re-launch peace talks, making the call for talks based on 1967 borders in a May 19 speech that was endorsed by most leaders of the Group of Eight countries gathered here.

Hint to G8: Next time just don't invite him.


Anonymous said...

They didn't want to invite Obama this time, I mean he just sold out Israel to the Arabs & his OIC pals.

But they took pity on him because he was still hurting after not being invited to the Royal wedding.

Alison said...

Another huge black eye for Canada. And Obama did not sell out Israel to the Arabs. He is advocating a balanced approach with mutually agreed upon land swaps. There is no reason Israel should keep expanding its borders illegally. That does not help with its security but a more rational land arrangement could. Bravo to Obama, shame to Harper.

Dana said...

Some might remember that a few years ago I predicted that Harper would be alone in carrying the neo-conservative banner once GWB was no longer potus.

He won't lay the banner down either. Unconditional support for Israel, at the expense of reputation and the scorn of other allies, is at the heart of what neo-conservatism stands for.

We have a true ideologue in Sussex Drive and another in Stornaway.

Ain't it sweet.

double nickel said...

Fred has his lips firmly locked around Harper's penis. He can't hear a thing when his mouth is full.

Steve said...

Hi, dont know if you have seen this letter from a mother in Japan, but I have posted it at my blog

Steve Harper cant play nice with anyone.

West End Bob said...

dn: If Fred's mouth is locked around harper's penis, I doubt that it's full.

Just sayin' . . . .

sunsin said...

Was that the Obama speech that was applauded by American Jewish organizations and then called anti-Semitic by the Republican Party?