Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear BBC...

The government of Quebec has unveiled a massive plan to develop a largely inhospitable but untouched area in the north of the province.
The "Plan Nord" aims to turn 1.2 million sq km of land into a major area of mining and renewable energy.
The plan also aims to ensure that half of the area will be environmentally protected.
"It is one of the world's last virgin territories," said Quebec's Premier Jean Charest.
"It's also a fragile territory and a territory of great richness and it's also a responsibility."
Don't repeat the neocolonial and frankly racist mindset of the Quebec government. The north of the province is not "inhospitable" and "untouched" as it has been home to Aboriginal people for millennia.

The only things 'virgin' here are Jean Charest's archaeology and history.


Beijing York said...

"planetary plunder" is a very apt label, Boris.

Feels in the 15th century reading that.

CK said...

I really don't know how far this Plan Nord will get. Charest is set to lose to the Parti-Quebecois come the next provincial election in 2012/13. The PQ under Marois may well scrap the whole thing.

Gloria said...

Harper was bad enough with a minority. With a majority, we can kiss this country good-bye.

The first thing Harper did was, give the wealthiest corporations in the world, ANOTHER tax reduction.

The U.S. was just waiting for Harper's majority. They will now work to merge, Canada. Mexico and the U.S. into the N.A.U. The U.S. somehow knew about Harper's majority, even before the election.

Canada has vast resources, they will be taken away from the people. Harper is giving them, to the greedy giant company's.

The American people say, Harper cheated to win the election. I don't doubt that either.