Monday, May 02, 2011

Harper campaigning on Election Day

The Examiner :
"In an interview this morning with Bill Good on CKNW in Vancouver, Stephen Harper openly campaigned for the Conservative Party of Canada, asking listeners to "vote Conservative" in defiance of Elections Canada rules and regulations that state no campaigning may be done during the media blackout on election day."
Well, you know, Harper never much cared for Elections Canada and its silly rules anyway.

Update : There's some duking it out in comments below The Examiner article as to whether Steve actually is in violation of the Canada Elections Act here.

Canada Elections Act : Communications :

Blackout period

323. (1) No person shall knowingly transmit election advertising to the public in an electoral district on polling day before the close of all of the polling stations in the electoral district.


(2) The transmission to the public of a notice of an event that the leader of a registered party intends to attend or an invitation to meet or hear the leader of a registered party is not election advertising for the purpose of subsection (1).


324. Subsection 323(1) does not apply in respect of

(a) the transmission of a message that was transmitted to the public on what is commonly known as the Internet before the blackout period described in that subsection and that was not changed during that period; or
(b) the distribution during that period of pamphlets or the posting of messages on signs, posters or banners.
Notice that in 'Exceptions' there is no (c) being Steve.


West End Bob said...

Nothing the life-form does is surprising anymore.

Oh please, Oh please, Oh please have him lose seats tonight . . . .

Uncommoner said...

More importantly, will there be any consequences for the way the CPC and Stephen Harper have flouted tradition, convention and the law for the last five years?

Gloria said...

Harper and his Conservatives, are in contempt of Parliament.

Harper sent Conservatives to storm, Guelph University to stop students from voting. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes.

Harper had a 3x convicted felon working for him. Do you think campaigning on election day will phase Harper? Never. Harper is an arrogant, vindictive, dictator, who has no shame.

Harper is thieving out tax dollars, and gives the money to the wealthiest corporations in the world. I saw that motion pass, on the House of Commons TV channel. He also gave them huge tax reductions. Harper just gave them another tax reduction, which will come off Canadians paychecks.

Google: Harper delivers his plan on, Global governance for Canada. That should scare the hell, out of every Canadian. If Harper wins, Canada will be gone, gone, gone.

Beijing York said...

Evan Solomon couldn't contain his f*cking glee at the prospect of the LPC and NDP splitting the vote and Harper getting 160 seats.

Shit, I hope all this media coverage of the orange surge didn't make rational voters complacent while encouraging die-hard anti-socialists (even though the NDP is far from being a socialist party these days) to vote.

Uncommoner said...

Well, I'm no lawyer but after looking at the link and then reading the update that certainly sounds like the Poltroon-who-would-be-King is in violation of the Elections Act.

Any idea who we speak to to levy charges or complaints against him? If it was in an interview the records are readily available to back it up.

Uncommoner said...

My question is withdrawn. There will obviously be no consequences for any of Harpers malfeasance now.

I think I'm going to go outside and scream for a while.

Drew said...

If you cared to read the law in Context you'd know to read from the beginning where it defines election advertising:


319. The definitions in this section apply in this Part.
“election advertising”

“election advertising” means the transmission to the public by any means during an election period of an advertising message that promotes or opposes a registered party or the election of a candidate, including one that takes a position on an issue with which a registered party or candidate is associated. For greater certainty, it ***does not include***

(a) the transmission to the public of an editorial, a debate, a speech, ***an interview***, a column, a letter, a commentary or news;