Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Research In Motion and the security two-step

It looks like RIM is taking a small beating for making sure its customers have properly layered security on Blackberry devices. And now, they're going to surrender a capability to allow some governments access to private emails.

I've stayed out of the super-connected personal mobility game, more because I can't even stand getting a cell phone call when I'm not working. On the job I'm connected nine ways to Sunday with the wieners back in the rear and there are times when it's just plain frustrating.

So then I come across Catelli's thoughts on Blackberry devices. It's well worth the read. I've used his advice before and one of the reasons I was able to save the data on a dead hard-drive was because he steered me to a cheap piece of insurance called a hard-drive container.

Oh... and have a look at his Maxims for Corporate Life. Think Dilbert.

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