Friday, January 10, 2014

You aren't going to believe this one UPDATED

But it's on YouTube. And YOU are paying for it.
... this latest initiative is more in-depth and appears to be another effort by the Conservative government to bypass the mainstream media and communicate its message directly to Canadians.
Wanna see? Don't bother with the popcorn, but you might want a spew bag handy.

Wow! The same guy who is destroying the Canadian Coast Guard by underfunding it, won't fix the Canada Pension Plan because it's too expensive, has an "enemies" list, has laid-off so many public servants that the government is operating in crippled mode ... all in the name of austerity ... is wasting millions of your tax dollars having a documentary of himself produced.

It's eerily North Korean.

Honestly, propaganda should at least hold your interest. This is just sad. If it wasn't so expensive.

A grade 11 art class could do a better job ... for a whole lot less money. In fact ...

Montreal Simon has more, more, more.

Take note of something else: The comments section in the Harper YouTube are CLOSED. Guess they didn't want, you know, citizens offering their appraisal of the bullshit they've just paid to watch.


kootcoot said...

Harper's Kim Jon Il worthy piece of crap won't even play on the HarperGovernment(tm) website. I had to go watch it on You Tube. That's three and a half minutes I'll never get back to do something useful with!

Filcher said...

Machtergreifung and Gleichschaltung.

Goodwin presents in living technicolor.

Dana said...

Filcher, you forgot backpfeifengesicht.

West End Bob said...

I notice the video did not include the protesters during his Vancouver and Burnaby visits.

Pity . . . .

Dave said...

Yeah, this is personal campaigning and everything is feel good happiness. It's actually very creepy when the truth about Vancouver and Mill Bay are quite different.