Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"It wouldn't be B.C. without it"

The words issued by the so-called prime minister of Canada when a protester managed to breach his security yesterday.

Wouldn't it now?

In other words, Harper expects to come to BC, (as little as possible), and be faced with people who vocally express their displeasure with his wrecking-ball policies, his smear politics, and his lying, cheating performance behind the doors of his office.

The only reason Harper is in BC is to try and beat the bushes in redrawn ridings and to generate support among well-to-do conservatives gathered at their mahogany hog-troughs. And the only comment he has when his insular bubble is burst by a single, momentary event is ... it's typical British Columbia.

Nice! Between insulting British Columbians and ignoring every major natural event east of Brandon this guy is showing he's truly a god-king. Stephen Harper, better than all others.

Well, Harper, here's another thing it wouldn't be BC without. As you hunker down in rich-kid country there will be some noise at the gates. (I hope the organizers of this thing realize there is more than one way in to snob central).

Oh yes, a little reminder of what we think of you. It wouldn't be Harper without these.


e.a.f. said...

Just loved the two young people who managed to attend the event. Good on them. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Dave said...

Yes, indeed. And as Sooey said over at Sooey Says, we (I) should quit calling them protesters.