Monday, January 20, 2014

The List

Thanks to David Akin we finally have a list of the entourage Harper hauled along, on your tax dollars, on his pilgrimage official visit to Israel. Read it closely and discover the delightful people who will dine on your dime, while Harper closes research libraries, labs and facilities. Rejoice that Stockwell Day, supposedly retired, is still sucking up your money because, after all, there is no more self-entitled an individual than a right-wing religious freak jamming austerity down your throat.

And there's more. Dr. Dawg has some of the more poignant details and a must-read

If this trip had happened when Harper was in opposition he would have been standing on his commons desk screaming.

At the time of writing, Harper is addressing the Knesset. (Live broadcast). Not surprisingly, over half the members of the Knesset are absent, but the public gallery is standing-room-only. Of course, when you have 223 boot-lickers traipsing behind you, not to mention all the administrative and security staff, plus the media train, you can pretty much bet that virtually every public seat was taken up by members of Harper's royal progress.

And as Harper and Bibi spend the day rubbing each others' groin and making embarrassing public statements about their love for each other, there is at least one media outlet in the world making it clear that Harper is full of shit.

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gingersnap said...

Harper and his plane load? This is probably regarding, Harper assisting those countries to form their Union. Such as the European Union.

Our Union is the North American Union. Don't forget. The 3 Amigo's have another meeting planned.

Harper officially endorses the NAU.
Oct 3/2008

North American Union
Big business pushes for the NAU
May 18/2011

Harper is also the front man for the NWO, as well. Don't forget? Harper attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2003.

July 18/2013

Harper is one of the most evil s.o.b's, on the face of this earth.