Monday, January 13, 2014

An absolute phoney

Harper is at it again. In a trick stolen from the Christy Clark manual of "quick wins", The Great Pretender is now holding secret press conferences.
Last week, while members of the English media were blocked from questioning Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a Lower Mainland visit, he held an event to field queries from a select few members of the ethnic media.
Some of the chosen few who attended the Jan. 6 event told 24 hours that Conservative MPs Wai Young, Nina Grewal and Alice Wong were also in attendance.
One reporter said journalists were allowed to ask Harper one question each and were given a chance to have their photo taken with the prime minister.
It was not on his announced agenda and no one knew there was any kind of public session. Oh! Wait. It wasn't public. It was exclusive. Let's end it right there. End of story. Sure there's more but who ... fucking ... cares?!

Every one of those reporters was subject to a PMO clamp before they ever walked into the room. They had to submit their questions in advance and they had to stay on the PMO topic. Ask your question, get your pic with the turd and get the fuck out.

Would the PMO choose to challenge me on any of that? Feel free to grace the comments section ... at your own peril.

So what else is this phoney sonofabitch up to? Well, how about denying the facts about unemployment; how about failing to address corruption in a senate scandal HE created; how about failing to address the needs of veterans HE sent into combat; how about overseeing the destruction of this country's accumulated knowledge?

How about it, Harper? Where are you on the things that are starting to bore into the guts of all Canadians?

Here's where.

Nowhere. Instead he feeds you propaganda and, oh, sister, Joseph Goebbels would have had a hard time pulling this one off. He fed you one that didn't even exist. It's some weird daydream and a dream without a plan is never a goal.
“The Canada Job Grant will result in one important thing – a new or better job,” said the reassuring voice-over in the TV ads.
The problem: The program was never launched and is still on hold. The job grants were announced in the 2013 federal budget, but it called for an agreement with the provinces, which have so far refused to buy in.
Employment and Social Development Canada spent between $2.5 million and $2.6 million on the ad campaign. That figure excludes radio ads funded by the Finance Department.
 Don't believe me? Go to any community college or vocational school and ask them. There's nothing

[The] cash came from an $11-million fund set aside last year for Employment and Social Development Canada to promote the government as a job creator.
Before the Canada Job Grant TV ad went to air, the government paid Environics Research Group almost $70,000 to conduct market research. Focus groups saw a near-final version of the commercial.
Environics concluded: "The main message was consistently seen as positive and one that inspired hope…. In light of seeing the new ad for the Canada Job Grant, most now believe the Government of Canada is on the right track regarding skills training and the job market in Canada.”
 Shall I translate that for you? Sure. It's called bullshit. They had nothing, they fed you a line and in the end you get absolutely nothing. Stephen Harper set aside $11 million to feed you a line of bullshit. There is no job training program and there are no jobs.

He's lying to you ... in your face. And he's doing it to you with your money.


Power. Harper, never known for being able to think on his feet, likes all the perks of power and he is quite willing to lie to hang onto it.

The economy of this country is tanking ... fast. The central bank has so much as said so. While the Bank of Canada would like to raise interest rates to keep the currency stable, Harper and his cabinet idiot, Flaherty, are pursuing a course which will drive the Canadian dollar to 68 cents on the US dollar and full-time unemployment to record levels. In the end there will be a dazed population wondering what the hell hit them.

I can hardly wait for his memoirs.

Harper is a phoney. He can't deal with open questions from the media; he leaves questions asked of him in parliament to the daily-appointed crippled moron with a government title; he lies to you over and over and over and then he has it paid for with your tax dollars.

Get this guy in the open, without the screen of protection he has built around himself, and he can be devastated in 30 seconds. Without a script he is reduced to a mail-room clerk.

Stephen Harper is a phoney, a liar and he's costing us our country.


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West End Bob said...

Now there's the Dave we all know and love!

Excellent piece, Cap'n ! ! ! !

e.a.f. said...

EXACTLY! and stil they voted for him in the last election. none of this is new. oh, well, obviously Canadians haven't suffered enough yet or they would be marching in the streets.

Owen Gray said...

You've covered the record accurately, Dave. He reached his peak as a mailroom clerk.

He remains nothing more than a mailroom clerk.