Wednesday, January 22, 2014

“It’s the re-election! This is the million-dollar shot.”

If there was ever a question as to the purpose of Harper's lavish pilgrimage to the lap of Bibi Netanyahu, this should put it to rest.

Harper is blatantly misusing your tax dollars for a re-election photo op. I wonder which senator he learned that from? Oh, right. I forgot. The Conservative Party bag-man, and Harper-appointed senator, is along on the junket.

Added: Alison provides some entertainment value. Make sure you read her comment.


Alison said...

Dave, I think you need to add this Gary Clement toon to your post.

York Centre MP Mark Adler...

Say, wasn't he the one who was sued by Netanyahu and Harper buddy Nathan Jacobson - the former fugitive from US justice convicted of money laundering in 2008 - a couple of years ago after Jacobson loaned Adler $140,000 that Adler later insisted was a gift?

And isn't Adler the MP who just put forward private member's Bill C-520, with Steve's public blessing, that would require any applicant for watchdog positions like Chief Electoral Officer to disclose any former political activity or "partisan positions"?

Steve said...

Flying your band to an overseas gig at taxpayer expense, and then paying an audience to watch.
The gravy plane percussion?