Friday, February 26, 2010

"No Fly List" her.

That's the solution to the right-wing concealer of a druggie. Tell her to take a fucking walk.... because she's a goddamned security risk to everyone else on a plane.

Remember, these pukes are telling you the reason for the pat-downs, the swabs of your laptop, the unreasonable search of documents and the burn through your clothing right down to your skin is to protect the travelling public.

Helena Guergis is unstable and dangerous. Eminent domain applies here. Why should we take the risk?

Apology not accepted. Not from the "Law and Order" mob. Do as I say; not as I do is an American philosophy promoted by the sociopaths employed by Rupert Murdoch - it doesn't wash in this country.

Wish Helena a really happy birthday and tell her to use up her Aeroplan points at Home Hardware.... because she ain't getting on an airplane... anywhere.

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