Saturday, February 20, 2010

Driving danger

JALOPNIK IS A DELIGHTFULLY CHEERFUL SITE devoted to things automotive. Sam Smith has an article, "The Ten Most Dangerous Drivers In America", listing the top fender-bender piloti by occupation:
  1. Attorney/Judge – Why chase ambulances if you can bring them to you?
  2. Financial professionals – Do they cover their cars with a “tarp”?
  3. Government worker (GS6) – Fender benders are a little known GS6 requirement. 
  4. Bartender or Waiter – It’s just a different way of getting served. 
  5. Other – Professional – AKA “I was hit by that ‘other’ guy.” 
  6. Dog Groomer – Following the rules of the road must be a real pet peeve. 
  7. Marketing/Advertising – If they have road rage can we call them “Mad Men”?
  8. Barber/Stylist – Mostly likely to cut you off. 
  9. Coach – Always crying foul. 
  10. Nurse – Bedside manner: Great! Roadside manner: Yikes!

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