Friday, February 05, 2010

Fb Fragging

NERVE IS A BLOG that proclaims its focus on "love • sex • culture". Well, one of their contributors, Brian Fairbanks, found this hearty piece of brouhaha: apparently this young teenager got grounded for three months, because his sister snitched on him, and told their parents that he had a 12-pack of beer in his bedroom.

Well, this dude wasn't going to take this lying down. So, he snoops in sister's bedroom and finds that his gormless sibling has actually written down her hookup list — and posts it on Facebook!

Not only did he rummage through Katie’s things and find her “hookup list” (aka “blow-jobs-to-hand-out list”), but he published it on his Facebook page…

…and tagged all of the intended recipients.

The list is charmingly jejeune. The blog comments are marvellous.

Stupid is as stupid does; this is eternal: back in November, 1939, Wally Schellenberger of the German Sicherheitsdienst suckered two British S.I.S. agents into a trap, in Venlo, Holland. One of 'em, Maj. Richard H. Stevens, was carrying a plaint-text list of British agents with him, when he was captured. Generations come and go, encryption is eternal, if you must have a list, hookup, or otherwise.

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