Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Canadian Media : Last call for slagging the coalition

... before parliament returns from its 53 day hiatus - after sitting for only 12 days following Steve's October surprise election - due to what the NYTimes headline referred to as :
"Canadian leader shuts Parliament in bid to keep power"
and generally being on hols/in election mode since June last year.
How's that coalition slagging going, by the way? Just give me the last couple of days worth :

AP : Coalition forces kill 15 shepherds
Oh, sorry, scratch that last one. Wrong coalition - that one's our coalition in Afghanistan
First prize, for the best gratuitous reference to Obama in the cause of slagging the coalition, goes to Don Martin in NaPo :
"President Barack Obama is right. It's time to set aside childish things.
Specifically for Canada, that means an end to that coalition..."
NaPo also snags second prize for "The opposition does not care about Canada" , a compendium of reader's comments - half of which blame the media for promoting the coaliton!
And so it goes ...

With thanks to April Reign for the coalition logo
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