Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mrs. Mills clears up the age gap

As usual Mrs. Mills, fearless, indefatigable and wise beyond her shoe size provides some of the best advice for people struggling with the most difficult of problems.

I am a divorcĂ©e of 43. I have three admirers interested in me. Unfortunately, the two I am keen on are much younger, 23 and 27; the other is about 45. I can’t believe the attention I am getting from the younger guys. I don’t encourage anything. Is it really so wrong to go for a brief affair? The younger one is constantly at my desk flirting, and his physique is so amazing.
This is a tough one. Is there a future for this terribly confused woman?

Sex with someone 20 years younger will be an empty, meaningless experience, but as empty, meaningless experiences go, it’s one of the best. Woody Allen said that, and let’s face it, he should know.
Catch the rest of Mrs. Mills great advice at The Times Online.

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