Saturday, July 01, 2006

Light Blogging Ahead

The next week or so will probably be a little sparse in the posting department. Just about everyone is away at the same time.

I'll be at sea and the likelihood of having a decent satellite link is remote on this trip. Others are off to or returning from work or summer travels. As some of the co-bloggers return to the vicinity of their desks, things should pick up a bit.

In the meantime there was one story I wanted to post a comment on but, never got a chance. Britain, worried that Red China would attack Hong Kong during the 1960s, had a plan to defend the place - by attacking China with nuclear weapons. Funny thing though. If you knew anything about Hong Kong you knew that China didn't have to ever attack Hong Kong - all they had to do was cut off the water supply or stop selling food and supplies to the British colony.

Oh well.

While things are quiet around here, I can recommend some other visits readers might like to make.

Our co-blogger Laura writes her blog Liberalism Without Cynicism and there is always something interesting, enlightening and entertaining to read. Laura's keen eye picks up some of the more interesting nuances of Canadian and American politics.

Cathie From Canada keeps things in perspective and is always worth the visit, particularly for her "Great Line Of The Day".

If good old snark is your flavour, do be sure to visit Canadian Cynic. CC keeps things down and dirty and pulls no punches. Some of us are just playing at this - CC is deadly serious and presents his view with a sense of humour and a snort.

Creekside is a must read. Alison's graphic posts will keep you shaking your head and laughing at the same time.

If you haven't visited the Wingnuterer, you need to go there right now. Zorpheous and Mark will give you a reason to go to the heads. Unless you really like sitting in a damp chair after they cause you to pee yourself laughing.

Take some time to visit the Woodshed. The Rev posts from Japan and provides an interesting perspective on the world.

Keeping up on the Conservative convention finance scandal (Yes! It's a freakin' scandal.) is easy if you follow the posts at Somena Media.

I know it's not fair to stop there. There are other great blogs with a lot of excellent posts. You'll find just some of them on the blogroll to the right.

Have fun over the next week. I hope to have myself back into the zone sometime around the 10th of July. In the meantime, keep notes. That or just count the Stephen Harper temper tantrums. It's hard to believe someone that thin-skinned actually wanted a job where there is a target painted on one's forehead. Or perhaps he believed it wouldn't happen to him. Fool.

Enjoy summer. Back soon.

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