Sunday, July 23, 2006

MacKay. Sucking and blowing at the same time.

Peter MacKay is either a liar or the stupidest foreign affairs minister Canada has ever had. Anyone who can make Lloyd Axeworthy look good deserves nothing less than a good swat across the back of the head and then immediate dismissal.

The Jurist was all over Peter MacKay's appearance on CTV Question Period pointing out that MacKay has taken an inconsistent position on Israel's assault on Lebanon.

Indeed. It is not only inconsistent but impossible to defend. In a single interview MacKay attempted to suck and blow on the same breath.

"A ceasefire and a return to the status quo is a victory for Hezbollah," said MacKay in response to questions about why Canada has not joined other countries in calling for a cessation to hostilities.
That is the Bush administration position to a word.

"Let's not forget that this was an unprovoked attack by a terrorist organization. Missiles were being fired into Israel. This is an attempt to defend a sovereign nation...This wasn't an impulsive move by Israel."
Bad spin. Israel's response was disproportionate to the incident. This, in fact, was Israel blowing an incident out of proportion and using it as an excuse to take apart Hizbolla and Lebanon. And you can say that's not the intention all you like. The reality is that Lebanon is being laid waste.

Given Israel's sudden request for a rush shipment of precision guided weapons from the US, it becomes clear that Israel has an extensive list of targets they intend to pursue. This is not a short "kick in the teeth". This is an extended assault and Israel clearly has designs on destroying Lebanon. Unless the satellite and laser-guided weapons are purely for looks.

MacKay told CTV that Canada has not abandoned its neutral voice.
"That's not correct. We've changed nothing in the way Canada approaches these circumstances on a responsive basis. The current crisis calls for a response that is rational, that is based on information that is available that may not have been available before."
Sorry. You can't have it both ways. Canada has taken a side and it has fallen in, lockstep, with the Bush administration. The fact that MacKay is even trying to present this position puts in serious doubt his competency to continue in an appointment of responsibility. Given that he went whining to the editor-in-chief of the Globe and Mail because, after providing no substantive information, the G&M published a story from sources MacKay cannot identify, to sit on a national political television program and suggest Canada possesses a neutral voice is beyond the pale.

"The PM has staked out ground that is consistent with other G8 nations and other nations in the process that will follow."
Bullshit! Perhaps MacKay, instead of trying to impress the media with his indefensible positions, should talk to his counterpart in the British government. Then perhaps he would not have gone on-air and made a statement that is so patently false. If he didn't know about this, then he is unfit to sit in cabinet.

Britain dramatically broke ranks with George Bush last night over the Lebanon crisis, publicly criticising Israel's military tactics and urging America to 'understand' the price being paid by ordinary Lebanese civilians.

The remarks, made in Beirut by the Foreign Office minister, Kim Howells, were the first public criticism by this country of Israel's military campaign, and placed it at odds with Washington's strong support.
Interesting. That means that the countries which now support Israel are: The United States of America, Canada,.... that's it.

Given Harper's continued blathering that we should be standing with our traditional allies, he should now be facing a critical decision - which traditional ally is right? Britain has always been our ally - the US has been on and off over the past two centuries including the occasional attempt to invade and conquer.

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