Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vic Toews' Guns 'n' Logic Show

CBC's Power 'n' Politics, is quoting a release by Vic Toews on deregulating gun shows and then demonstrating that, in fact, not all gun show participants are lawabidinggunowners:
"Repealing the unnecessary gun shows regulations shows our government is focused on protecting families and communities
[Yes, your brain really did just trip a breaker, but read on.]
and not pushing administrative burdens on law-abiding gun owners,"
But in an undated briefing note, obtained by CBC News's Power & Politics through an access to information request for documents that were sent in February 2012, the department's deputy minister issued Toews a warning.
"The CFO (Chief Firearms Officer) community has noted unsafe display of firearms across the country. CFOs have also noted incidents where exhibitors were criminally charged in relation to the trafficking and unauthorized possession of firearms at gun shows."



Edstock said...

Of course, you are assuming that the various provincial CFO's and their bureaucracies are actually organized and effective. You go right on believing; it's good to believe in things like that. For example, people actually believed the Long Gun Registry accomplished something besides jobs for Atlantic Canada.
As someone who just went through the rigamarole with an extremely rare Webley WG, I can state that there isn't too much in the way of competence to be found with the aparatchiki.

Boris said...

I'd rather have Chief Firearms Officers and the bureaucracy in place to monitor with at least some degree of effectiveness, than not. Gun show participants are by and large legitimate and lawful folks, but there's evidence that some aren't. Firearms attract all sorts, and there's sometimes one or to shifty folks at these shows with a little too much Nazi & far-right propaganda beside their guns for comfort, or dudes you'd just not feel comfortable having over for dinner.