Friday, November 02, 2012

The ghastly Gopper returns . . .

DUBYA IN THE CAYMANS, giving a secret speech. Can't get the link to happen, but here's Andrew Leonard's report in  Salon, "George Bush's secret Cayman vacation".

George W. Bush gave the keynote address at an “investment conference” in the Cayman Islands on Thursday night. But we don’t know what he said, reports NBC News, because Bush’s own team required a complete “blackout” on any details about the speech.


Owen Gray said...

The fact that G.W. has shown up in the Caymans as the election comes to an end, tells you everything you need to know about who owns the Republican Party, Ed.

Kevin Wood said...

so if Bush sees his shadow, does that mean four more years of Democrats?

Silverfox said...

Considering that Dubya was never able to string two coherent, let alone intelligent statements together, the secrecy is more likely due to the kind of embarassingly inane and assinine statements he never fails to come up with and the equally bad rap the filthy rich would get for actually wanting and forking-out such serious dough to hear it.

Of course it's only peanuts for their pet monkey as far as they're concerned and he still has some coming for shall we say "services rendered"; there's also nothing quite like a good party in the absolute lap of luxury in the tropics to make that a first class and fun affair too because none of the utrustworthy riff-raff, hangers-on and any nosy parkers in the media that they don't already own could possibly afford to get anywhere near them.

By doing it in the Cayman Islands they also save themseves the bother of what would only be a partial write-off as a legitimate business expense stateside and poor little Dubya any trouble he might encounter should he fail to include what he got for it on his income tax statement which he also doesn't have to do owing to that most convenient venue.

He's the ruling oligarchy's court jester or fool at large, for anyone that was unaware of it, and they had no end of fun installing him to highest office in the US and having a right good guffaw about all the little people who actually took him and still take that office with any degree of seriousness.

Obviously they're still laughing about that and naturally enough want to keep that that little inside joke just as private as possible.

Obama is also and an even better one of their little jokes whose real sense of progress was to go from officially sanctioning torture to officially adding assassination and murder by presidential decree to that.

And as an added bonus and an even bigger laugh he not only delivered that little goody up, but in the true spirit of progressiveness in the way the oligarchy thinks of it, made it completely fair and egalitarian by letting any Americans that step out of line in their estimation have the same privlege of being included on that ectra-special, extra-judicial, top-of-the-pops, presidential hit list too.

He, of course, will, will also go on some high-priced and high-paying
speaking engagements so they can all have another good laugh and throw some peanuts at him when his tour of duty ends and it's time for them to show their appreciation for just how very amusing they found all of that to be.

Steve said...

Another Republican tacitly endorses Obama.